Elemental Services Limited is a Telecom Service Company focused on providing Telecom solutions for our clients throughout Africa.

The Company

A Telecom service company with expertise across the entire spectrum of Telecom management; we leverage our vast knowledge of telecom efficiency systems to deliver sustainable solutions that meet your achievable level of performance; manage your energy efficiency, and reduce your energy costs using innovative methods and technologies.

Our activities and operations cover Project Development, Telecom Assets Installation, Energy Management. We offer an ecosystem of integrated products designed to enable any site or facility to generate, store and consume its own energy. Our system offers the power and efficiency needed to meet today’s complex telecom needs.

Elemental Networking

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Installation And Maintanance

Fiber Optics Installation

Rural Connectivity


Elemental Group was incorporated in Nigeria in 2008 under the Nigeria Companies Act of 1990. Elemental has it corporate headquarters located at: SB3 SPARKLE PLAZA 522 Road Gwarimpa Abuja, Nigeria




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